About Us


Scope mission is quite simple.

  1. To educate our readers about all kinds of Gun Scopes
  2. To help them make the perfect buying decision

We wanted to create a platform which can help amateurs, professional Shooters or just Hunter hobbyists to choose only the best Gun Scopes available on the market and not fall into any pitfalls.

It can be overwhelming to see a lot of models when looking for a scope. On top of that, there are tons of advertisements that pop up here and there once you start browsing. Whom do you trust?

Our team does a regular in-depth analysis of:

  • Top brands and the latest models
  • Specifications & features of every scope listed
  • Customer reviews and feedback from users

With an average spend of over 36 hours to prepare each buying guide, we make sure the products we recommend have great performance, reliability, durability, economical price and are the best in business.

Product Rating Format

We aggregate the data from our research into very easy to digest tables and reviews. Our buying guides are usually broken down into 3 main phases:

  • Top # Picks –  At the start along with the best option, we feature the 3 best options you can go for. One is the best value, second is the best rated and third one is the most economical option you can choose with little compromises on the specifications & features of the tool. This helps you make an instant decision.
  • Comparison Table – Right below the 3 picks, we compare all the models featured on the basis of some key features (depending on the tool) and price. This is very helpful when you want to see all options and scan the important specifications.
  • Individual Reviews – Finally you can read the individual in-depth reviews of each product where you can understand how it performs, all the key features ending with an easy-to-scan pros & cons table as well.