About Us

Shooting is exciting when you’re hitting targets but can be annoying when everything seems to be missing the bull’s eye. A frustrated shooter cannot enjoy the experience, and this is why gun enthusiasts utilize gadgets to make shooting more effective and, in turn, more fun.

There are so many accessories available to a typical gun enthusiast; however, the problem with this is that it becomes more challenging to understand these tools. Sometimes, even knowing what is available is difficult as there continue to be new features added frequently.

About the Blog

Scope Expert fills the gap of information between gun accessories brands and you. Many brands produce shooting gadgets but very little practical guidance on how these gadgets work. We use “practical” because shooting guides are not lacking on the internet, but few are helpful.

What You’ll Learn

  • Shooting tips and tricks that’ll make you shoot like a pro
  • Expert picks of top scopes are carefully analyzed, so you don’t have to spend time watching several YouTube videos
  • Helpful accessories to add to your collection
  • Answers to confusing comparisons between similar gadgets
  • How-to guides on how to use these accessories

Product Review and Testing

Our product review and best guides utilize an in-house testing process to ensure we get the most accurate review of the products.

We understand how time-consuming, expensive and stressful it is for you to test different products to come up with a decision. So we’re doing the work for you by passing these products through our rigorous review process.

Here are some of the factors we check during the process,

  • Top brands and the latest models
  • Current availability
  • Most popular complaints
  • Specifications & features of every scope listed
  • Customer reviews and feedback from users

Meet the Team

Scope Expert comprises a diverse team with expert-level experience on scopes and gun gadgets. This team consists of members focusing on different sections, from content development to product testing and editing. They share this passion with you, and that’s why they can produce relatable contents you enjoy

James Towndrow

james towndrow - shooting instructor

James Towndrow, a NRA-certified Firearms Instructor. During a career of 18 years had won several shooting competition including major leagues. Taking all those experience down the road, is now a successful Shooting Instructor in Texas, US.