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ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope Review in 2023

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If you’re a long-range shooter, you know how essential accuracy is and the role of a scope in achieving your goal. Even the smallest of variations mean a lot when it comes to long-distance shooting. And this is why a lot of effort must be put into getting a quality scope to go with your long-range rifle.

Looking for ATN 4 thermal scope for your rifle but not entirely convinced or don’t have all the information you need? This article does justice to your issues and more.

The ATN Corp is a strong leader in the optics industry, producing high-quality gadgets for your weapons. It has emerged as a trustworthy name as shooters enjoy their scopes. And the ATN 4 thermal scope is one such addition to the company’s production. It combines incredible battery life with a brilliant performance. The performance stretches from excellent imaging to having a long identification range.

So many features make the ATN 4 thermal scope stand out. Let’s look at some of them and how they affect the scope’s effectiveness. There are so many variants of the ATN Thor 4 thermal scope available. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the 1.25-5x variant.

Features of ATN 4 Thermal Scope

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope
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Do you want to know why the ATN 4 thermal scope is gaining so much attention in the optics industry? Your answer lies in its features, and we’ll be looking at them below.

#1. Magnification

There are four different magnification variants available for the ATN 4 thermal scope that include 1.25-5x, 2-8x, 4.5-18x, and 7-28x. All these cover the majority of the shooting distances you’ll be facing.

ATN 4 thermal scope has a magnification of 1.25 to 5. The model’s range covers short to medium distances. Its variability allows you to switch to a suitable power that captures the image size and makes accurate shooting possible.

Magnification gives you the option of increasing the object’s size so you can see far away things that the naked eye will struggle to capture. The magnification of the ATN 4 is on the lower scale and will only cater for shorter distances. There’s also a detection range of 750 yards for human-sized targets.

#2. Objective Lens

Objective Lens
Image Credit: https://www.wideopenspaces.com/

The magnification works together with the objective lens to produce clear images at different distances. Typically, the higher the magnification possible, the wider the objective lens. It’s because a good amount of light can enter even at the highest power. The objective lens of the ATN Thor 4 is 19mm.

Since its highest magnification is only 5x, a 19mm objective lens will work incredibly well – allowing light to enter the tube and brighten the image formed.

#3. Sensor Resolution

For thermal scopes, sensor resolution is one of the most vital factors to consider before buying these types of scopes. It helps you assess the quality of the sensor. The resolution is calculated in the number of pixels available. These pixels determine the details you can see on an object. ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x uses a sensor resolution of 384×288 pixels.

The scope comes with an HD display of 1280 × 780, which, combined with the sensor resolution, produces crisp and clear images even at very long distances.

#4. Viewing Modes

Ballistic Calculator and Rangefinder
Image Credit: https://www.atncorp.com/

Alongside the HD display and sensor resolution, ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x scope offers three viewing modes you can use at your discretion to see your target. You can use the color mode, which shows the target in their normal thermal image. There’s also the white hot mode that shows the image in white. And the black hot mode is similar to the white option but shows the target in black.

#5. Ballistic Calculator and Rangefinder

As a thermal scope, the need for an impressive ballistic calculator and range finder is even more pressing since you’ll be using the scope in poor light conditions and the dark. The ATN Thor 4 comes with a rangefinder and ballistic calculator.

The rangefinder helps you get the distance between the gun and the target quickly. At the same time, the ballistic calculator uses available data (temperature, elevation, windage, range, and humidity) to calculate the bullet’s path and help you get accurate shots.

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#6. Video Recording

Video Recording
Image Credit: https://www.wideopenspaces.com/

In most scopes, you can live stream your shooting to your smartphone or computer or record it on your SD card but never both at the same time. However, people could do with the option of storing their shooting to relive the memory later and live streaming on their gadgets. It’s because of the recently added feature of dual video streaming capacity. The ATN Thor 4 scope allows shooters to live stream on their smartphones or computers. Moreover, you can store it on your SD card – it’s another additional feature supported by the new dual-core processor.

The scope uses a removable 64 GB SD card to save memories for you. ATN Thor 4 also incorporates a recoil-activated video or RAV that starts recording immediately it senses a shot. This way, you don’t miss out on your perfect shots if you forgot to turn on the video recording. You can also adjust the recording time before and after the shots.

#7. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is a vital cog in thermal imaging machines because the images formed need to be refreshed quickly for you to see a continuous and unobstructed view. Generally, thermal scopes with higher refresh rates give better experiences and more accurate results. ATN Thor 4 uses a high refresh rate of 60Hz, ensuring a continuous clear image at night, thus, preventing blurriness when there is movement.

This refresh rate means no matter the movement; the scope view will remain clear. The scope will automatically focus on itself when you swing your gun and give you a clear image.

#8. Eye Relief

Eye Relief
Image Credit: https://blogs.zeiss.com/

Eye relief is the farthest distance you can place your eye away from the end of the scope and still clearly see through the scope. Generally, a wider eye relief is ideal to protect your vision and ensure unobstructed views. ATN Thor 4 is equipped with an eye relief of 90mm.

90mm eye relief is an improvement on previous ATN versions with 65mm eye reliefs. With the 90mm eye relief, you can place your eye farther away from the scope and still easily view long-range targets. Your eye will also be protected from recoils from the gun.

#9. One-Shot Zero and Digital Zoom

Typically, in most scopes, you’ll still need to adjust the scope after zeroing for taking a perfect shot. This is the case even if it’s in the same location. It makes shooting stressful and time-consuming. ATN Thor 4 has included a one-shot zero feature that lets you save your settings after taking a perfect shot in a particular target location. You can reuse the settings when shooting in the same location again. This way, you save time and make shooting more enjoyable.

And the digital zoom feature allows for a seamless change in magnification without losing focus on the target, thereby saving you time. Thus, ensuring you don’t miss your mark. It uses a 6x digital zoom feature that can be controlled using the zoom wheel located at the left side of the scope.

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#10. Battery

You would be forgiven if you thought that all the features packed into the ATN Thor 4 scope alongside the powerful processor would drain the battery faster. However, the reverse is the case, as it sports an even better battery life than the previous series as you can enjoy 18 hours battery life.

The improved battery performance can be linked to some features and capabilities embedded into the scope. The batteries are low profile, which means it takes up less space in the scope, so it remains lightweight. These low-profile batteries pack a lot of power but use up only a little space.

The processor is modern and advanced with efficient power consumption. Newer processors have better power management and can adequately utilize power.

Heat can damage the scope and reduce the battery life if not properly managed, and that is why this scope with heat control is in vogue. The internal structure of the scope expels hot air from inside the scope and takes in cool air from outside. This heat control helps prolong the battery life and protects the scope from damage.

#11. Reticle

Image Credit: https://www.opticsplanet.com/

There’s a new reticle feature added to the ATN Thor 4 scope, which is called the smart mil-dot reticle. This feature allows you to program the variance between the hash marks in mil into the smart mil-dot reticle. Remember, this depends on the load.

You can use the smart mil-dot reticle alone or the inbuilt ATN ballistic calculator. It works with 1mil = 10cm at 100m.

#12. Navigation

Navigation is quite essential, especially for beginners and people not conversant with the ATN brand. This scope has an easy-to-navigate system and menu. Its minimal button control makes learning how to use the scope in a single-use norm.

You can also use an obsidian app on your smartphone to control the scope and learn more about its usage.

#13. Warranty

ATN Thor 4 has a three years limited warranty covering it, so you can rest your mind when you purchase this scope. You should read the terms and conditions to find out everything covered in this warranty.

#14. Brightness Settings

Brightness settings allow you to change the light intake of the scope depending on the external light condition. Even though this is a typical night vision scope, the light conditions will still vary, with some nights being pitch dark while others have light from the moon shining through. ATN Thor 4 has five brightness settings available to help you navigate night shooting effortlessly. Now you can quickly switch to the suitable brightness setting and get a clear view when you look through.

#15. Accessories

Image Credit: https://www.sportsmansguide.com

ATN Thor 4 comes with many accessories that’ll help your shooting. These additions aside, the ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x thermal scope includes:

  • An eyecup.
  • Lens tissue to clean the lens.
  • Scope cover.
  • USB-C cable for charging the battery.
  • Two pieces of standard rings.

Pros and Cons of ATN Thor 4

Pros and Cons of ATN Thor 4
Image Credit: https://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/
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Why would you or anybody else want to buy the ATN Thor 4 scope? The pros and cons of the scope will throw more light and help you make up your mind if this is worth your while or if you’re better off looking elsewhere when considering thermal scopes.


  • Perfect for shorts with 0-200 yards
  • Dual video streaming
  • Long-lasting battery
  • One-shot zero and smooth digital zoom
  • Inbuilt ballistic calculator and rangefinder
  • Wide eye relief
  • Impressive refresh rate for improved image quality
  • RAV or recoil activated video recording
  • Easy navigation for beginners


  • Its sensor resolution does not produce the clearest image quality
  • Common software issues


ATN Thor 4 is a modern thermal scope with many new features not included in many thermal scopes. Both beginners and professionals can use it with its easy-to-navigate system helping new users understand how it works. This widespread thermal scope is for serious shooters who would like to have the features they need to make accurate shots at their beck and call.

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