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Best 1-8x Scope in 2023 | Top 5 Reviews

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Looking for the best 1-8x Scope so you can aim further and more accurately while hunting? You are in the right place.

After working with over 20+ scopes across various brands and spending more time out in the wild than in my home in the last few months, here are my top 5 picks for the 1-8x scopes that are worth your money in 2023.

Durability, ease of use of the turrets and other dials, optics clarity, reticle brightness, etc. are some of the factors taken into account when reviewing the scopes to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Want to make a quick-fire purchase and skip the hassle of reading the details? Here’s a summary of my 5 favorite 1-8x scopes. 

  1. EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24mm Precision Rifle ScopeTop Pick
  2. Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24FFP Rifle Scope
  3. UTG Leapers Inc 1-8x28mm MRC ScopeBudget Pick
  4. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope
  5. Bushnell 1-8×24 AR Optics Ill

Below is a comparison table that singles out a few features that set the scopes apart.

Best 1-8x Scopes for 2023 Reviewed

EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24mm Precision Rifle ScopeEOTECH Vudu• Optics quality is top-notch even at full magnification
• The illumination automatically shuts off after 2-hrs to save battery
• Turrets are tall, numbered, and audible for quick adjustment
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Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24FFP Rifle ScopePrimary Arms• There are 11 brightness settings for any situation
• Automatic range estimations for up to 650 yards
• Windage turret cap allows you to store a spare battery
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UTG Leapers Inc 1-8x28mm MRC ScopeUTG Leapers• Costs less than $200 and thus ideal for budget buyers
• Gives you 36 colors and multiple brightness levels to choose from
• Adjust the brightness and colors in seconds with the EZ-Tap push buttons
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Vortex Optics Strike Eagle RiflescopeVortex Optics• Throw lever ensures quick and easy magnification adjustment
• Get free repairs and replacement with a lifetime warranty
• You can 11 brightness settings to choose from
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Bushnell 1-8x24 AR Optics IllBushnell• The reticle gives range estimations for good accuracy
• Throw-down power change lever for quick magnification change
• Get accurate holdovers up to 500 yards with 5.56 NATO

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But if you want to get into the details about each of the scopes before making a purchase, this section below is just what you need.

1. EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24mm Precision Rifle Scope

EOTECH Vudu 1-8x24 SFP VDU1-8SFHC3Check Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for the absolute best and are willing to pay the big bucks for excellent durability and accuracy, the EOTECH Vudu scope is tailor-made for you, and here’s why I believe so.

Your scope becomes your vision in the wild and thus there’s no compromising with clarity irrespective of the zoom or light, right? EOTECH understands that and thus has equipped its scope with a special XCHigh-Density glass.

This is a premium HD quality glass that has multiple layers of anti-reflective coating for excellent light transmission (1x or 8x, whatever the magnification, you get a crystal clear view). This coating also keeps this fragile piece protected from scratches, oil, fingerprints, etc. adding to the durability.

Talking about durability, the rest of the scope is rock-solid. Even if used roughly, the 30mm tube made out of aircraft-grade aluminum holds its own against all kinds of abuse. Oh, and did I tell you, you can leave it submerged in water as well?

Furthermore, it also has a hard-anodized finish that not just protects the surface from scratches but also improves camouflage by reducing glare (because when in the wild, there’s nothing more important than your safety).

The reticle can make or break a scope. After all, it has a direct relation with accuracy. Thankfully, the EOTECH scope has you covered with its reticle that has special hash marks that compensate for bullet drop allowing you to hit shots with 100% precision.

Also, the reticle has 10 brightness levels which give you the freedom to hunt in low light conditions like that at dusk or dawn. And switching between the various brightness levels takes mere seconds thanks to the push-button.

With brightness comes battery life and the worst thing is when you leave the brightness on only to realize you ran out of battery right before you go for your next hunting trip (oh, the horror of having to wait for the batteries to charge).

Unless you have the EOTECH Vudu. That is because it comes with a 2-hour automatic shut-off thus saving you battery life.

Lastly, comes the turrets and I love the fact that they are not only smooth but also have a good clickety sound that tells you precisely when you have made adjustments. Also, helping with are the white markings and numbers (something you won’t see in cheaper scopes).

There’s also a one-piece eyepiece that in tandem with the throw-level adds to the fluidity of adjusting the magnification (go from 1x to 8x in seconds with minimal effort)

On the downside, it is one of the most expensive scopes on the list as it will cost you over $1000 but considering the features it is equipped with, it is well worth the money.


  • Come with 10 brightness settings for low light
  • Change brightness easily with the push-button
  • The reticle compensates for bullet drop for accuracy
  • Delivers excellent visuals even at full magnification
  • Illumination automatically shuts off after 2-hours
  • Turrets are smooth and numbered for precise adjustments
  • Excellent durability and it is waterproof
  • Anodized finish improves camouflage by reducing glare


  • On the expensive side

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2. Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24FFP Rifle Scope

Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-Raptor-5.56/5.45/.308Check Latest Price on Amazon

Primary Arms is another brand that has been delivering quality scopes for quite a few years now and their SLX 1-8x24FFP Rifle Scope is just another example of it. Here’s all you need to know.

What I love about this Primary Arms scope is that it is one of the easiest to use scopes. That is because up to 600 yards, it ranges out automatically. 

Wait, what?

It means that up to 600 yards, the scope automatically calculates range ensuring 100% precision (from wind speed to bullet drop, the scope does most of the work for you).

And it works just as well in low light as well since the reticle is illuminated. In fact, it has one of the highest illumination settings I have seen in a scope with 11 settings that give you all the power you need to maintain accuracy when hunting at dusk or dawn.

And when the illumination results in the battery losing charge, don’t worry. Just open the windage turret cap and you’ll find a spare CR2032 battery in it. Trust me, carrying spare batteries hardly gets any easier.

Furthermore, playing a supporting role in maintaining accuracy is the quick-focus eyepiece and good eye-relief that gives you the ability to latch onto even moving targets in a jiffy.

Even bad weather has little impact on the accuracy provided. That’s because nitrogen purge keeps the lens from fogging up 

But wait, there’s more.

Even though much cheaper than the EOTECH, its durability is top-notch mainly because of the 6061-aluminum build. Not only can it take a few bumps and hits but thanks to the sealed o-rings you also do not have to worry about water.

From using it in rain to even leaving it submerged in water, the scope can handle it all and it is one of the reasons it has an IP67 Rating. Plus, it has the same hard-anodized finish that improves your camouflage by reducing glare and protects the scope from scratches, etc. 

Furthermore, protecting the lenses on both ends are flip-covers. Similarly, keeping the lens protected is the anti-reflective coating that also helps with light transmission.

But in case you still have trouble, Primary Arms backs all of their scopes with a Lifetime Warranty which means any repair or replacement won’t cost you a dime.

As for the optics, the lens quality isn’t as good as the EOTECH so you will notice some distortion on the sides when at 8x magnification but performs better than most others you’d come across. 

The turrets are slightly disappointing as well. Yes, they are smooth which means they require minimal force and have good audibility but the covering means there are no numbers or markings so getting precise adjustments can take time for newbies.

They could have also been slightly taller but that’s a personal preference.


  • Comes with a moveable and replaceable magnification ring fin
  • Range estimations are automatic up to 600 yards
  • It has an IP67 waterproof rating 
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum build makes it very durable
  • Comes with a nitrogen purge to prevents fog build up on the lens
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • A spare battery can be stored in the windage turret cap
  • There are 11 brightness settings
  • Hard-anodized finish for better durability and camouflage


  • Turrets aren’t numbered or have white markings
  • Taller turrets would have been easier to grip
  • Not as clear as the EOTECH

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3. UTG Leapers Inc 1-8x28mm MRC Scope (Budget Pick)

UTG Leapers Inc 1-8x28mm 30mm MRC Scope, IE, BG4 Reticle, with ACCU-SYNC, Black (SCP3-18IEBG4)Check Latest Price on Amazon

Need something on the cheap? What if I told you that your new 1-8x scope could cost you less than $200? Interested? Well, there’s more to the scope than just its low cost.

One of the best things about the UTG scope is that even though cheaper, it has an illuminated reticle which makes it easier to take accurate shots in low light situations.

Not just brightness but you can also adjust the colors of the reticle. Just press and hold the push button and you can choose from an amazing 36 colors for any lighting condition.

And you won’t have to adjust the reticle color each time. As the memory function remembers your last settings making it’s set up a breeze.

Even when the illumination isn’t active, the reticle does a pretty good job of staying visible as has been etched onto the glass improving its visibility in low light (just what you need when the scope runs out of battery).

While being clear, the reticle also helps you take accurate shots. That’s because it has the hash marks that give you range estimations (you want to hit the bull’s eye each time and the UTG allows you just that).

And it works just as well in most weather conditions. Rain or cold, the nitrogen purging keeps the lens from fogging up and the sealed o-rings in tandem with the aluminum build makes it water-resistant.

The aluminum build also makes it very durable. While I wouldn’t recommend you drop it, it sure can handle a few bumps without even a scratch.

Another thing you won’t often find on cheaper scopes is numbered turrets. Not just that, they are much taller than the turrets on the Primary Arms giving you an excellent grip and excellent precision for quick and easy adjustments. And you can lock them as well to ensure they don’t change positions even with all the sudden movements, mounting, dismounting, etc.

Even the magnification ring is numbered and smooth adding to the ease of using the scope.

It even includes the rings needed for mounting the scope further saving you additional costs which makes it a true value for money buy. Also added into the package are flip-up lens covers.

The only major downside here is the optics quality. I noticed more distortion on the UTG at 8x than the primary arms, Bushnell, or the Vortex Optics scopes. But if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend big just yet, UTG is the way to go.


  • Costs less than $200
  • Good durability and water-resistance for the price
  • The reticle gives range estimations for accuracy
  • It is illuminated with over 36 colors to choose from
  • Switch between the colors in seconds with the EZ-Tap Push Button
  • Turrets are numbered and can be locked
  • The etched reticle remains bright even without illumination
  • Comes with scope rings, flip covers, and an inbuilt sunshade


  • Blurring at full magnification
  • Can’t be left submerged in water for long
  • Poor battery life

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4. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC3 Reticle (MOA), BlackCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Is a list of scopes every complete without a Vortex? And if you are wondering why their Strike Eagle shows you exactly why.

Vortex Optics is known to combine cost-effective scopes with good functionality and that’s just what they have done again. For about $400, you get a scope that’s both accurate and durable.

Yes, with the BDC3 reticle, you will be able to acquire targets within seconds up to 650 yards as it is designed to quickly focus your eyes on targets while giving you all the range estimations you need.

Plus, it is illuminated and you can easily adjust the illumination using the side dial. Not as easy as push buttons but works well. There are 11 settings to choose from.

Another thing I like about the scope is that it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to turrets. They are capped for added protection and to prevent accidental changes but if needed these caps can be removed for quick and more accurate adjustments.

Also, easy to adjust the magnification as it is equipped with a throw lever. Also, helping with accuracy is the quick focus eye-piece that helps you lock moving targets quickly.

And ensuring weather never plays spoilsport with your scopes is the nitrogen purge that keeps the lens from fogging up. Plus, it’s waterproof as they aluminum build and the sealed o-rings keep the water from seeping it.

This build also ensures a few bumps along the road do not cause significant damage to the scope. The 30mm tube is also recoil-resistant. And even if you do face any issues, putting any fears to bed is the lifetime warranty that covers all Vortex Optics scopes. 

As for the optics, I was pretty impressed with the clarity considering the price. This comes down to the use of a good lens that has an anti-reflective coating to ensure optimal light dispersion while also protecting the lens.

On the downsides, the taller turrets would have been better. Once I removed the covers I found it hard to grip and removing and putting back the turret covers takes time. 

Also, it has a smaller eye-relief at 3.5-inches so you need to be careful as there is a good chance you could end up with a ‘scope bite’ if not used with care.


  • Good optics for the price
  • Excellent durability and waterproofing
  • Good recoil-resistance
  • Turret covering can be removed if needed
  • The BDC3 reticle gives accurate range estimations up to 650 yards
  • The reticle has 11 brightness levels
  • Throw lever allows for quick and easy magnification adjustment 
  • Nitrogen purging ensures the lens does not fog up
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Smaller eye relief at 3.5-inches
  • Turrets should be taller for an easier grip

Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. Bushnell 1-8×24 AR Optics Ill

Bushnell AR Optics 1-8x24mm Illuminated Riflescope with BTR-1 223/556 BDC Reticle, Waterproof and Fully-Multi CoatedCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Last but not least on the list is Bushnell that goes toe to toe with the Vortex optics scope in terms of price but what about the features?

One of the standout features of the scope is its throw level that comes with adjustable height. It is also one of the biggest levers I have come across and thus is easier to grip and change quickly during tense situations.

I also like the fact that the reticle has 6 levels of illumination and that the turrets are pretty smooth so you should have no trouble adjusting them. They are also covered so accidental changes are unlikely (they hold the position for years). Plus, they are protected against the harsh conditions of the wild.

Even the durability is commendable. The sealed o-rings make it waterproof so you can even submerge the scope in water giving it an IPX7 rating. But keep in mind, do not let it go deeper than 3 feet and not more than 30-minutes.

This is well complemented by an aluminum build that protects the exterior against any bumps.

Along with the scope, you also get a lens cleaning cloth and a multi-tool that makes it easy to maintain the scope for lasting performance

On the downsides, the BDC reticle doesn’t provide elevation holds for all ammunition but if you use ammo like the 5.56 NATO, the scope is for you. 

As for the optics, its clarity is lesser than the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle but not bad compared to some other Bushnell or even UTG scopes.


  • The throw lever comes in 2 heights for quick adjustment
  • Good durability thanks to the aluminum build
  • It is submergible in 3-feet of water for 30 minutes
  • The reticle comes with 6 illumination levels
  • Included in the package are a cleaning cloth and multi-tool for easy maintenance
  • Turret covering provides protection and prevents accidental changes


  • Does not provide range estimations for all ammo
  • Optics clarity is average
  • Turrets aren’t marked or numbered

Well, I wasn’t all that impressed with Bushnell to be truthful. I’d rather go with the Vortex but if you want something slightly cheaper, the Bushnell is a good alternative.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

A Final Say.

Those are my top picks for the best 1-8x scope for 2023. Vortex Optics never fails to deliver amazing scopes and neither does EOTECH and thus them being on top comes as no surprise.

For budget buyers, the UTG Leapers Inc. rifle scope is the right choice for you as it delivers good functionality and costs less than $200.

In case you have any questions about these or other 1-8x scopes, just drop the questions in the comment area below or write to me in-detail using the contact page. If you have used any of these scopes, drop-in your experience with them as well to further help users make better buying decisions.

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