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FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope Review

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Hunters know the importance of a powerful scope as every shoot needs to count when aiming at moving targets. You don’t want to spend hours waiting for your target to arrive, only to miss the shot and see it running to safety. One hunting scope quickly becoming a fan favorite among hunters is the FSI Sniper 6-24×50 scope.

Manufactured by FSI, this scope is specifically made for hunting purposes, with its features tailored for that motive. Equipped with several impressive features, this scope has been able to establish itself among the popular hunting scopes for medium to large distance shooting.

FSI Sniper 6-24×50 scope has seen a quick rise to prominence, with many shooters eager to try it out. However, because of its relatively unknown brand, many prospective users do not know what to expect. This is why a guide like this explaining in full detail the review of the FSI sniper scope is vital.

Features of FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope

Features of FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope
Image Source: https://www.amazon.com

Scopes typically have different characteristics put together that make them unique. These traits, when looked at individually, can allow the shooter to understand their scope better. For the FSI sniper scope, here are some of its biggest features.

1. Magnification

Image Source: https://www.amazon.com

Magnification is the number of times you can increase the size of an image in your scope to make it easier to see. This feature is essential for scopes as it determines the distance you can effectively use the scope.

This FSI scope sports a magnification range of 6 to 24x. The wide range covers a lot of distances allowing you to shoot comfortably in most mid-range to long-range distances. Because of its lowest magnification of 6x, you cannot effectively shoot short distances with this scope. The good thing is that the scope is made specifically for hunters, and hunting is usually done at far distances clear of the targets.

Magnification levels closer to the maximum at 24x will produce blurry images, which are expected. However, its usefulness at long ranges of over 300 yards is impressive.

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2. Objective Lens Size

Objective Lens Size
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The size of the objective lens determines the amount of light it can take into the tube. Light entering the tube helps produce clear images. For this FSI sniper scope, the objective lens is one of the first things you’ll notice when you look at it because of its sheer size compared to the tube.

The objective lens diameter in this scope is 50mm, and for a scope with a maximum magnification of 24x, this is impressive. A great amount of light can get in through this wide lens and produce crisp images even at higher magnification.

Typically, the magnification and objective lens size of a scope go hand-in-hand, supporting each other to work better.

3. Optics

The type of optics and additional features used will determine the clarity of any scope. Optics quality becomes more important for long-range scopes as stronger external forces are in play. It comes with an adjustable optic that allows the shooter to change the focus of the objective lens to correct any parallel distortion.

The lenses are multi-coated to filter light better and improve accuracy by reducing light reflection off the surface. The multi-coated lenses also serve many other purposes we’ll see as we consider other features of this scope.

4. Reticle

This scope uses a mil-dot illuminated reticle. You have the option of choosing red, green, and blue illuminations, which is great as people have different tolerances to colors. Mil-dot reticles are perfect for shooting larger targets at longer distances. You’ll also find that this type of reticle is a useful range finder.

5. Field of View and Eye Relief

Field of View and Eye Relief
Image Source: https://www.youtube.com

The field of view for the FSI sniper 6-24×50 scope is not the best but decent enough at 15″ when using the lowest magnification of 6x. At the highest 24x magnification, the field of view is only 4″. At 100 yards, you will not see a lot of the surroundings. This limited field of view makes hunting difficult.

Its eye relief of 3.3 inches is also not the widest but will serve rifles producing average levels of recoil. You may struggle to see the target clearly if you don’t position your eyes directly behind the lens.

6. Durability

The scope body is made of durable 6061 T6 aircraft-grade material. This ensures it doesn’t break easily even if it bumps against hard surfaces, which happens from time to time when shooting in difficult terrains. The top aluminum alloy used to make this scope also helps to reduce the weight keeping it at 26.2 ounces while being 16 inches long.

The durability of the scope is not tied to its body alone, as the coatings also help to protect the lens from scratches, thereby prolonging its usefulness and effectiveness. The tube is sealed properly and filled with nitrogen to prevent the formation of fog inside it that can obscure vision.

This means you can use the sight in any weather condition and difficult terrains without any fear of damage or reduced efficiency.

7. Mounting

The scope comes with a mounting ring; however, due to the sheer size of the objective lens and the 1″ tube, mounting this scope comes with its challenges. If you want to mount the FSI sniper scope on your rifle, you would need a riser mount or rings that are taller than the included rings.

If you choose to go with the included rings, you may need to use Loctite on the scope ring bolts to keep them tightened. Buying a taller ring, however, is easier but will cost you extra.

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8. Turrets

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com

The scope uses a ball and bearing turrets that provides a superior user experience as it is easy to adjust and shock-resistant, which allows it to hold zero efficiently. Each click is ¼ MOA which allows the shooter to get accurate shots without wasting a lot of time trying to zero.

The ball bearing system used for the windage and elevation turrets makes controlling them easy. There are also lockable rings, so you can lock in your settings after zeroing your scope.

9. Accessories

PSI includes several accessories to the main PSI sniper 6-24×50 scope. They include a CR2032 battery that powers the illumination of the scope, flip-up lens covers to protect the lens when not in use, and a stackable 3 inches sunshade to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the lens and causing glare. There are also other accessories like mounting rings, among others.

These added items help you save money you would’ve otherwise used to purchase them for use with your scope.

10. Warranty

PSI includes a lifetime warranty for this scope showing the trust it has for its product. However, this is a limited warranty covering some repairs and damages. You’ll want to read the terms and conditions to get the full details of what this limited lifetime warranty covers.


  • Large magnification range of 6-24x
  • Wide objective lens diameter for more light intake
  • Great for long-range shooting
  • Multi-coated lenses for improved accuracy
  • Durable build, fogproof and waterproof
  • Clear optics
  • Lightweight design
  • Mil-dot reticle with three illumination options
  • Protective lens shade


  • Included mounting ring bolts do not hold tight
  • A large objective lens makes it bulky
  • The included battery is of low quality


If you’re looking for a scope made for hunting and loaded with impressive features, and still within reach for people on a budget, the PSI sniper scope should be among your top choices. This second focal plane scope produces accurate shots at long distances.

It is built with durability in mind and covered with a lifetime warranty to protect its users. Mounting the scope is easy with the right ring height.

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