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Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD Spotting Scope Review

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Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope is suitable for hunting and other shooting activities, with this reasonably priced spotting scope first hitting the market in 2020. Compared to more expensive scopes, the Alpine HD scope holds its own. Thus Alpine scope replaces the SX-2 Kenai spotting scope series and immediately shows significant improvement.

Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope comes in 20-60x60mm and 20-60x80mm. The major difference is in their objective lens size, which leads to other differences like price and weight. We’ll soon see how this affects the scope and what it means for your shooting. The high-definition optical quality in this scope greatly improves from the preceding model.

It goes beyond being a suitable hunting scope for this Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope, as its features satisfy many needs, including digiscoping. Here is a guide that dissects the scope’s features in simple terms and shows how valuable it can be for its users.

Features of Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD Spotting Scope

Even though this scope has not been the most popular since its release in 2020, it has continued to provide value to the shooters that have found it. And in this section, we’ll see its core features and how they can affect your shooting.

1. Magnification

Image Source: thefirearmblog.com

Magnification affects the ability to change the image size you can see, typically by increasing the size to a certain level. It becomes easy to see the target despite its distance. When considering spotting scopes magnification, you must realize they are long-distance scopes. It will have magnification levels for viewing targets farther than regular rifle scopes. For example, for the Leupold SX-2 Alpine scope, the magnification level is set at 20-60x.

You can adjust the power of this scope 20 times to 60 times, allowing you to see groupings from 300 to 1000 yards. Such distances cover the typical hunting range and many other shooting activities. It puts this scope in a vantage position to serve you.

2. Objective Lens

The objective lens of a scope is the outer lens closest to the target as light entering the scope first hits this lens, which determines the amount of light that can enter. Other lens features like lens coating affect the light entering the scope. There are two variations for the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD scope with 60mm and 80mm objective lenses. The lens size is the third figure in the scope’s description.

The 80mm variant provides a larger objective lens with better light-gathering ability for better photos or videos, especially for digiscoping or birdwatching activities. However, the 60mm objective lens variant offers a smaller lens with reduced light-gathering ability, which may look like a huge downside. Still, it has many advantages, especially in other aspects like size. Moreover, the 60mm objective lens has a decent light-gathering ability for your needs in well-lit environments.

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3. Size

Image Source: publiclandsjournal.com

Leupold SX-2 Alpine 20-60×60 is 14.3 inches long and weighs 60 ounces, while the 20-60×80 variant is 16.77 inches long and weighs 67 ounces. None of these variants can be classified as lightweight. Still, they’re also far from being classified as heavy, especially considering their features, like the 80mm objective lens.

The size of the scope is an important feature as it determines how mobile you can be when handling the scope. While scopes are typically mounted on stands and so size doesn’t matter while in use, moving the scope can be a problem for extremely large gadgets. Bulky and heavy scopes make it quite difficult to pack as they may not fit into your regular gear bag or may significantly increase the weight.

4. Build

With the rugged build of the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope that features polycarbonate chassis under the added protection of grey rubber armor, the scope is durable and well-protected against damage. In addition, Leupold went the extra mile to reinforce weak and exposed spots so the scope could withstand whatever was thrown at it.

Leupold uses military-grade glasses with scratch-resistant abilities to protect the outer lenses covered with additional coatings. It prevents dirt, oil, and even water from obstructing the view by staying on the lenses. With its 100% waterproof and fog proof qualities, you can enjoy this scope in varying weather conditions. It can be used even during the wet months without worrying about damage or moisture affecting image quality.

5. Optical System

Optical System
Image Source: nightvisionguys.com

The clear optical vision of the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope is due to the particular nature of Leupold’s features, from its high-definition glasses to the lens coatings like the Diamondcoat. It provides clarity to view targets in different light conditions. However, it has no night vision but can be useful in the early hours of the day when light is low.

The Twilight Max Light Management System, used in this scope, amplifies ambient light in low-light conditions. It ensures you can use the scope even when the light is low. In addition, it reduces glare by up to 85% by removing stray light and improving light transmission through the lens rather than dispersion off the surface. As a result, images do not feel washed out or dull, especially when using higher power levels as the objective lens, HD glasses, and improved lens coatings. The Twilight Max, Light Management System, works to provide one of the best image qualities for scopes priced similarly.

6. Comfort

Comfortable scopes improve performance as users can view all day long without getting tired. The two variants of this SX-2 Alpine HD scope sport angled eyepieces, making them easy to view. Angled scopes offer less stress on the eyes as you look into the eyepiece rather than strain to reach its eye line for straight eyepieces. You’ll find angled eyepieces especially important when sharing the scope with other users.

The scope is easy to focus with the zoom adjusting even better with the dials. With the rotating tripod adjustment ring, you can get more flexibility when viewing from different angles by adjusting this ring to your position.

7. Helical Focus

Helical Focus
Image Source: thefirearmblog.com

Instead of focus dials, this scope uses the more impressive helical focus ring that allows for a more refined focus adjustment. The helical focus ring is located in the middle of the scope. It is typically used in mid to high-range scopes to make the finest focusing adjustments. With the fine-focusing system, getting a detailed view of your targets in the shortest possible time becomes quite easy.

Helical focus rings have eliminated the need for dual focus dials that utilize two dials, one for quick adjustments and the other for more progressive changes. As a result, the value of this SX-2 Alpine HD scope significantly improves with the helical focus ring.

8. Eye Relief / Field of View

With its long eye relief of 18 to 19.25mm at 60 to 20x, you can comfortably view targets using a scope without straining your eyes and even while wearing glasses. In addition, this scope’s excellent eye relief levels further improve comfort and performance.

The scope requires a wide field of view to pick up your target quickly. The FOV of the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD scope is 102 ft at the lowest power to 48 ft at the lowest power level, which is decent enough to pick up targets faster. 9.2ft represents the close focus distance, the closest point you can target and see a focused image.

9. Guarantee

Image Source: freerangeamerican.us

Leupold is known for offering bold guarantees for their products due to the trust they have in the quality they produce. For example, the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope is backed by Leupold’s lifetime warranty, providing repairs and even replacement with an equal or higher spotting scope where necessary.

10. Price

Interestingly, the price of this scope is set at the mid-price range of under $500. With the features here, you may have imagined a higher price range for the scope. Still, the two variants are both under $500, with the 60mm objective lens variant coming at a more affordable price. The cost of the scope puts it within reach for many, including some on tight budgets. While this scope does not represent budget scopes, it offers a mid-priced range with excellent features. For a scope that comes with a soft carry case and lens covers, this price is almost a no-brainer for any interested party.

Pros and Cons of Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD Spotting Scope

We’ve dedicated this section to see what we liked and disliked about this spotting scope so you can better understand if this SX-2 Alpine scope is right for you.


  • Wide magnification range of 30-60x covering distances up to 1000 yards 
  • Objective lens sizes of 60mm and 80mm
  • Two variants available with slightly different features
  • Good value for money as it features impressive quality
  • Backed by Leupold’s lifetime warranty
  • Long eye relief as you can use the scope while wearing glasses
  • Rugged build with 100% waterproof and fog proof features
  • The helical focus ring makes focus adjustments easy and more precise
  • Twilight Max Light Management System for reduced glare and better light transmission


  • Lack of ED glass makes for possible chromatic aberration at higher power levels
  • No interchangeable eyepiece and it cannot be used with telescopic accessories 

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While not exactly fancy, the Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope offers many impressive features, especially considering its price. The two variants offer options for people looking for better light gathering or a smaller scope. The scope offers an impressive light-gathering ability and a durable build. In addition, the popular Leupold lifetime warranty backs it, so you don’t have to worry about damages beyond your control.

Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD scope offers good value for money for hunting and birdwatching activities. However, the lack of ED glass may make color contrast when birdwatching difficult.

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