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Monstrum Tactical G2 6-24×50 Rifle Scope Review [Latest 2023]

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Scopes that can serve hunters and target shooters to great effect are in high demand these days as most people look for a scope they can use for their home defense and also for hunting. These multi-purpose scopes shouldn’t have to reduce their quality to be useful, and this is what a scope like the monstrum tactical G2 6-24x50mm is all about.

Monstrum brand prides itself in making premium optics from durable materials. One of its quality scope options is the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50. It is a long-range scope with a matching wide magnification level covering a vast range and allowing shooters to enjoy precision over large distances.

If you’re interested in a scope with a wide magnification range allowing you to shoot over 1000 yards, this scope is something that should be considered. Aside from its magnification range, you’ll see the many other features that are exciting for many of its users and teeming supporters.

Features of Monstrum Tactical G2 6-24×50 Rifle Scope

Features of Monstrum Tactical G2 6-24x50 Rifle Scope
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Before you go ahead to buy this scope, it’ll be beneficial to understand its features, how it works and if it is the right choice for you. If you already own this scope, you can still take time to understand its characteristics and how to use it better. This section shows you all its features.

1. Magnification

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This monstrum tactical scope has a magnification from 6x to 24x. This means that it can enhance the image from 6 times to 24 times so you can see it clearly at different distances. In these settings, you can shoot from 200 yards to over 1500 yards without issues.

The magnification of this scope is one of the reasons it can easily be used as both a tactical scope and for hunting. This scope is suited to medium to long-range shooting, with short-range shooting under 200 yards not the best range to target.

The magnification ring around the scope tube allows you to quickly adjust the magnification of the scope depending on the distance.

2. Objective Lens Size

A large 50mm objective lens diameter is used in the monstrum tactical scope. A large objective lens like this enables the intake of a good amount of light into the tube. The light helps to brighten the image formed. The higher the magnification, the more light is needed to produce crisp images.

For a scope with a maximum magnification of 24x, more light is necessary for quality images to be formed. Maybe even more light than a 50mm objective lens can allow. This may be one of the reasons you may encounter some blurry images at the highest magnification.

When considering the objective lens size of a scope, the highest magnification level of that scope should be put into context. However, larger objective lenses make the scope bulky and heavier.

3. Reticle

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The monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 scope features an illuminated rangefinder reticle that optimizes shooting distance and bullet path to improve accuracy. This reticle is set at the first focal plane, which keeps the reticle the same irrespective of the magnification set. The first focal plane reticle allows you to maintain precision no matter the distance.

The reticle here allows you to make quick target acquisitions which improves the accuracy of your shooting while also making quick holdover corrections. You have the option of using the reticle without illumination when the light conditions are good.

In low light conditions or at night, you can switch to its red or green illumination to see the reticle. There are multiple brightness settings to choose from, including nighttime suitable levels.

4. Optics Quality

The type of optical system used in a scope will affect the clarity and image quality you can see through the scope. For the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 rifle scope, there is an adjustable objective lens added to eliminate parallax, improve the sharpness of the image and estimate the range of the shot.

While the optics quality is impressive, you’ll notice blurry images at the highest magnification, which is common for most scopes with such high magnification levels, especially those below the premium models.

You’ll enjoy shooting with this scope devoid of parallax obstructions. The optics quality is improved with the multiple layers of lens coatings that make light transmission better and reduces glare.

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5. Build and Durability

Build and Durability
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By merely looking at the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 rifle scope, you’ll see a tactical design. It sports an impressive build with enhanced corners. Made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that makes this scope with a 30 mm tube size rugged and durable.

It weighs 29 ounces which is no shock as its extra features, and large objective lens size shows it is going to be a heavy scope. It is 15.5 inches long and comes in two different colors, black and flat dark earth.

Durability is important for any scope and that is why this monstrum tactical G2 scope consists of helpful features that improve durability. One of such features is the multiple layers of coatings on its lenses that includes layers for extra strength and anti-dust and scratch. These coatings make the lenses stronger and better.

Apart from the string tube that can withstand the moderate level of shock and drops, the scope is sealed with nitrogen to keep fog from forming inside the tube. Fog inside the tube can damage it and also reduce visibility when using the scope in wet conditions.

The body of the scope is sealed properly to keep water out and make it weatherproof. Now, you can use it without fear of dust, fog, water, and even shock from the recoil of your rifles.

6. Turrets and Adjustments

There are three turrets on the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 scope. You’ll find the elevation, windage, and illumination adjustment knobs. All the turrets are calibrated in ¼ MOA per click.

The clicks are audible, and the turrets are not too mushy that adjusting without looking becomes difficult. The windage and elevation turrets sport the ability to reset zero and quickly go back to your zero when shooting.

The scope’s reticle can be illuminated in low light conditions. Several brightness settings fit into varying light levels, including night shooting, and there is a knob to choose the right brightness level. All the turrets are finger-adjustable without the need to use tools. You’ll also find a magnification ring close to the ocular lens for magnification adjustments.

7. Eye Relief And Eye Box

Eye Relief and Eye Box
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Looking through a scope is not as easy as it seems and sometimes can even cause injuries to the eyes and brow area. These injuries are caused when the scope recoils and hits the viewer’s face, usually around the eye or nose. No one wants to come back with a bloody face after a time at the range and this is why eye relief is essential.

The eye relief of the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 scope is 4.5 inches at the lowest magnification and 4 inches at the highest magnification. These levels are pretty impressive, giving the shooter enough room to be far away from the scope without losing visibility.

Aside from the eye relief, the eye box and what you can see are vital when shooting with a scope as it determines how much of the surroundings you can see. The more you can see, the better your aim will be as you can quickly see targets as they come into view. The exit pupil is 2.08 mm at the highest magnification and 8.33 mm at the lowest magnification.

8. Accessories And Warranty

Seeing that this scope is not in the premium category, you would be forgiven for assuming it didn’t come with other accessories. However, Monstrum outdid itself here with so many other useful accessories coming in its package.

It includes a set of high-profile Picatinny scope rings for mounting the scope. You’ll also find one CR2032 3V battery to power the reticle illumination. A set of spring-loaded lens covers to cover the lenses and keep dust away while also prolonging their lifespan.

A detachable honeycomb filter sunshade is also available in its package to remove glare and keep your position hidden. This sunshade is especially important for tactical shooting.

You’ll also find a felt drawstring carrying back to help you move the scope and its accessories and, finally, a lint-free cleaning cloth that will not leave scratch marks on the lens when you use it to clean.

The scope comes with a one-year warranty which may not be the best out there but is decent enough to cover any defects covered in their warranty within the first year of use.

Pros And Cons of Monstrum Tactical G2 6-24×50 Rifle Scope

Pros and Cons of Monstrum Tactical G2 6-24x50 Rifle Scope
Image source: https://www.americanfirearms.org/

Here are reasons in more simple terms for and against using this rifle scope.


  • A wide magnification range of 6x to 24x covering mid to long-range shooting distances
  • Wide objective lens diameter of 50 mm to allow more light into the tube for crisp images
  • An illuminated first focal plant rangefinder reticle
  • Quick target acquisition and range finder
  • Red and green reticle illumination, including the option of going without any illumination
  • The package comes with a lot of accessories that save you money
  • The scope is shockproof, waterproof, fogproof, and dust proof, making it suitable for use in any weather condition
  • It features long eye relief of 4-4.5 inches depending on the magnification levels
  • Finger-adjustable turrets that are zero resettable


  • High scope rings that make it uncomfortable to use
  • It is bulky and heavy and will significantly increase the weight of your gadgets


What do you do before getting any scope? Go online to search for clues, ask friends, and check reviews? This is a more curated experience that puts together everything you’ll need to know about the monstrum tactical G2 6-24×50 scope. This way, you can get all the information you’ll need in just a single read.

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