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3 Best Swarovski Spotting Scope Review in 2023 {Our Top Pickup}

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Swarovski was already a huge brand before it ventured into the optics industry in 1949. The founder’s keen interest in astronomy was the driving force for this new venture which meant that observational optics devices were among its first products.

One of its observational optic devices making waves is its range of spotting scopes. Spotting scopes are used to view long distances as their magnification levels stretch beyond that of regular rifle scopes. The power that makes viewing beyond 1000 yards a walk in the park is embedded in the spotting scope.

Swarovski is home to a variety of spotting scopes with different features. They also come in different price ranges, from budget options up to high-end spotting devices. Swarovski optics are known for producing long-range high-value optics that are environmentally friendly.

Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTX

Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTX

Our Top Recommendation for Swarovski spotting scope

This Swarovski 115mm objective module optic sports one of the largest objective lenses among any spotting scope by Swarovski. Its optical quality is outstanding, while its durability is no pushover either.

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People who know the brand like to stay on brand when looking for other optics to add to their collection, and that is why some people may be only interested in Swarovski spotting scopes.

The number of spotting scopes manufactured by Swarovski in the market makes it unreasonable for you to start trial and error till you get the right spotting scope for you. To make it easier for you, we’ve done the leg work, going over and picking the best among them.

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Best Swarovski Spotting Scopes

Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTXSwarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTX• Magnification of 30-70x
• ​Objective lens size of 115mm
• Impressive optical quality
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Swarovski Optik HD-ATS-80 HD Spotting Scope 20-60x80mm - AngledSwarovski Optik HD-ATS-80 HD Spotting Scope 20-60x80mm - Angled• Magnification of 20-60
• ​Objective lens size of 80mm
• Dioptric correction greater than 5
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Swarovski Optik SWAR48895 Modular Objective 95mm 30-70xSwarovski Optik SWAR48895 Modular Objective 95mm 30-70x• Magnification of 30-70x
• ​Objective lens size of 95mm
• Fully multi-coated lenses
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This list of top spotting scopes by Swarovski contains scopes in different price ranges offering different specific uses.

1. Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTX

Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module for ATX / STX / BTX
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There are four available Swarovski objective modules in the market today, and this Swarovski 115mm version is the most recent and largest. Objective modules have their focus on the objective lenses of the scopes, with this scope having an astronomical 115mm objective lens size. This kind of lens size allows the scope to be used for long-distance observational activities. You can use a straight eyepiece model (STX), angled eyepiece model (ATX), and binocular viewer (BTX) on this objective module.

This spotting scope has a magnification range of 30-70x, which is the same as the previous objective module. However, the wider objective lens means you get more light in the scope here and invariably better images at higher magnification levels. It is made to be highly effective even in low light as it can gather enough light.

Swarovski Optik 30-70x115mm Objective Module feature
Image source: scheels.com

Its body is made from high-quality aluminum and wrapped in green rubber armor to further boost its durability. The tube is O-ring sealed and purged with nitrogen which keeps dust, moisture, and fog out of the tube. This also means you can use the scope in any weather condition without damaging the scope or affecting its visibility. There are extra-low dispersion glass elements that transmit visible light of all wavelengths and thus improve its color representation.

It sports several lens coatings to improve its quality, like the scratch-resistant swarodur and the anti-reflection swarotop. Its focusing collar is large and thus easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The tripod shoe is compatible with the popular Arca-swiss head with a quick-release function.


  • Magnification of 30-70x
  • Objective lens diameter of 115mm
  • Impressive optical quality
  • Durable body
  • Fogproof, waterproof, and dustproof
  • Field flattener lens system
  • Extra-low dispersion fluoride HD glass
  • Rotating tripod collar


  • Bulky
  • Expensive
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2. Swarovski Optik HD-ATS-80 HD Spotting Scope 20-60x80mm – Angled

Swarovski Optik HD-ATS-80 HD Spotting Scope 20-60x80mm - Angled
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This angled Swarovski spotting scope comes with a magnification range of 20-60x, helping you cover a wide range, including long distances for hunting, birdwatching and more. The objective lens for this scope is set at 80mm, which is a good range for scopes with a maximum power of 60x. You will get enough light into the tube for clear images to be formed. You would think a scope with a wide magnification, and large objective lens would be quite heavy, but this is not so here as it is 13.98 inches long and weighs 45.2 ounces.

The HD glasses used in this spotting scope contain fluoride, which is great in color matching and prevents chromatic aberration. The glasses produce impressive images no matter what your intended use is and are further boosted by their angular design that makes viewing comfortable.

Swarovski Optik HD-ATS-80 HD Spotting Scope 20-60x80mm - Angled feature
Image source: pure-elevation.com

Its aluminum body is lightweight, and it is covered with rubber armor. The spotting scope is made to prevent fog and water from entering the tube. It is submersible to 13 feet. These things can damage the scope when used in wet weather conditions. Its image quality is clear with swarodur / swarotop coatings that reduce glare and prevent scratches. There’s also the Swaroclean coating that brings its nonstick feature to the lens, so it remains clean, clear, and free from fingerprint marks.

The eyepiece has a wide field of view of 108 to 60 feet at 1000 yards, so you can easily scan the environment while looking through the scope. The eye cups are individually adjustable, which improves eye relief and allows you to even use eyeglasses when viewing. It also sports a dioptric correction that is greater than 5.


  • Magnification of 20-60x
  • Objective lens diameter of 80mm
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Dioptric correction greater than 5
  • HD glasses containing fluoride
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fogproof and waterproof build


  • Expensive
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3. Swarovski Optik SWAR48895 Modular Objective 95mm 30-70x

Swarovski Optik SWAR48895 Modular Objective 95mm 30-70x
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Here’s another modular objective spotting scope from Swarovski with a 95mm objective lens making it the second largest in the series. It accommodates an eyepiece with a magnification of 30-70x. This impressive range allows you to view long-range targets without stress. The 95mm objective lens size matches the power, which creates clear images.

The 95 modular objectives can accommodate angled eyepiece, straight eyepiece, and binocular view. Its tripod shoe fits the Arca-swiss head that has quick release capabilities helping you to mount and detach without stress. The image quality produced here is great, with an excellent ability to gather light even in low light areas.

Swarovski Optik SWAR48895 Modular Objective 95mm 30-70x feature
Image source: specialpurposerifles.com

The extra low dispersion fluoride glass detects and transmits all wavelengths of visible light, which helps in color representation. The lenses are fully multi-coated with swarodur and swarotop, particularly helpful with its anti-glare and anti-scratch features. Its magnesium alloy chassis is protected with rubber armor. It is O-ring sealed and purged with nitrogen just like many other Swarovski scopes to make it waterproof and fogproof.


  • Magnification of 30-70x
  • Objective lens size of 95mm
  • Footer correction at infinity is greater than 5
  • Good optical quality
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Durable body
  • Extra-low dispersion fluoride glass


  • Bulky
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How to Choose The Best Swarovski Spotting Scope – Buyers Guide

How to Choose The Best Swarovski Spotting Scope - Buyers Guide
Image source: youtube.com

The list presented above does not cover every single use. If you want a Swarovski scope tailored for your specific function, you may have to do a little research yourself. Luckily, you do not have to do it blindly. You can follow this guide to understand how you can easily find the best possible Swarovski’s spotting scope for you.


Image source: specialpurposerifles.com

Take out time to outline the possible uses for your new scope before even choosing the scope. It’ll guide you on the type of features to look out for and the most crucial among them. If you are doing more stargazing with your scope, you should only be looking at scopes with high magnification levels and accompanying objective lenses. You’ll also find Swarovski’s spotting scopes made with certain uses in mind.


Swarovski’s spotting scopes mostly feature high magnification ranges as the whole brand is built on long-range optics. So naturally, Swarovski lovers would be people doing long range. You’ll find magnification levels from under 20x to as high as 70x. Choose the range that’ll allow you to reach your target without stress.

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Objective Lens

Objective Lens
Image source: swarovskioptik.com

Swarovski objective modules sport some pretty high objective lenses like the 115mm and 95mm lenses. These sizes are perfect for your long-range activities, while you’ll also find the more common sizes around from 30mm to 80mm. If you’re choosing a scope with high magnification, it needs to have a large objective lens, too, so enough light can enter.


Swarovski’s spotting scopes are pricey when compared to many other brands. However, this is due to the larger magnification and objective lens put in, among other things. You’ll find Swarovski scopes from $1000 to $4000. The quality of the features in the scopes typically increases as you approach the high-end versions. Consider the amount you’re willing to spend on a spotting scope to guide you on the type of Swarovski’s spotting scope to choose.


With tens of Swarovski’s spotting scopes available in the market, it is normal for questions to arise for each scope. However, some questions seem to be recurring, no matter the model. We’ll be answering these questions here.

Where are the Swarovski’s spotting scopes made?

Swarovski is expensive because of its impressive optical features, which require a lot to produce. There’s also the argument for its large magnification and objective sizes affecting its price.

When was the first Swarovski spotting scope made?

The first Swarovski spotting scope was made in 1967, and it was an extendable 30×75 scope.


Founded by the son of the owner of the Swarovski group, the Optik subsidiary has since grown into a renowned environmentally friendly optics brand for long-range users. Selecting a suitable spotting scope by following a guide is so stress-free and precise.

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