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UTG 3X Magnifier Review {Buyer’s Guide 2023}

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Red dots are effective shooting scopes with many advantages, including impeccable night vision, among others. It is, however, lacking in one crucial aspect – magnification. The lack of magnification on a red dot scope is a massive setback for people who would want to shoot longer than normal distances, and this is why the need for a magnifier keeps on growing. A magnifier like the UTG 3X has become popular among red dot users, and we’re here to see why.

Leapers UTG 3X is a red dot magnifier made by Leapers, a superior optics brand that has been in the industry since 1992. The magnifier is supposed to be used alongside a red dot scope to enhance the magnification power and let you target objects at farther distances since red dots do not have magnifications.

UTG 3x Magnifier

The magnifier industry is vast with many scopes, and this can be a difficult task for a shooter to go through just to select the best magnifier for them. This article will throw more light on the UTG 3X magnifier and show you everything there is to know about using this magnifier with your red dot.

It’ll allow you to make a more informed decision about the UTG 3X. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

UTG 3x Magnifier Review

UTG 3x Magnifier
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Every magnifier is made up of different features that set it apart from the rest and make it suitable for your needs. Here you’ll see the significant features of the UTG 3X magnifier and how it affects its effectiveness.


This is a 3X magnifier. This means its magnification is 3 times, and it can increase the size of a target 3X, or reduce the distance by 3, thus making it easy for you to aim better. Its magnification figure puts it among the short-range magnifiers that are suitable for shooting targets under 300 yards.

Using this alongside your red dot will take your shooting to another level as you utilize the effectiveness of the red dot and the power of the magnifier. A 3X magnification keeps your target acquisition speed at a good level as a higher magnification will significantly increase the time it’ll take you to target.

While 3X magnification may not seem like much (and it isn’t) but it goes a long way in ensuring you can better target short to mid-distances.

Physical Specifications

The physical dimensions of a magnifier are vital as they would be fitted on a rifle with a red dot. Its dimensions have to be precise and considerate, so you don’t end up with a bulky, difficult-to-handle piece of equipment.

The UTG 3X magnifier has an objective lens of 25mm, which keeps its size small and less bulky. It is also fitted with a 38mm tube diameter which is slightly larger than the objective lens. The entire length of the tube is designed with an easy-to-grip surface, so it doesn’t fall off your hands and damage.

The whole length of the magnifier is 6.69”, with a breadth of 3.66” and a height of 2.17”. The scope is short and compact so that it can fit on the rifle with a red dot. And at just 11.82 ounces, its weight is kept at a decent figure to reduce the overall weight of your weapon and its accessories. You don’t want to be dragging your rifle across the ground because of its weight. It comes in a black finish which is typical of most rifle accessories.

Optical System

The UTG 3X uses a simple lens system that produces decent optical quality but typically shows a distorted color at the outer parts of the lens.

As earlier stated, the objective lens of the UTG 3X is 25mm, which is suitable for a 3X magnifier since it is typically shooting short distances. The right amount of light needed to brighten the image the red dot will produce can pass through this objective lens.

The lens is multi-coated for better light transmission and to protect the lens against scratches and damage from dust. The coating also has an anti-fog mechanism that prevents fog from forming inside the tube and blocking your view or damaging the magnifier. The adjustable eyepiece in this scope helps you make corrections to the diopter.

Eye Relief and Field of View

Unlike the red dot, you’ll be using this magnifier. It does not have unlimited eye relief. Its eye relief is set at 2”, which is not much but decent enough. At 3X magnification, this scope gives you a 2” eye relief where you can shoot without harm.

Its field of view is 45’ at 100 yards. This means you can see a wide area around your target, thus improving your target acquisition speed and leading to better shots.


No matter the accessory, the durability of that piece must be evaluated. You want to be sure your equipment will last you and wouldn’t require a change every time it falls to the ground or bumps against a hard surface.

Its body is made from aluminum and is precision machined and anodized to increase the durability of the magnifier. It keeps it intact even if it falls or bumps on a hard surface. The lens surface is multi-coated to prevent scratches and dust that will not only reduce the image quality but can damage the scope. There’s also an anti-fog coating to keep fog away.

The tube of the UTG 3X is nitrogen-purged to keep fog away from the tube while the body is adequately sealed to keep water out and make it weatherproof. You can use the magnifier in varying weather conditions without issue.

There are also elastic lens caps that cover the lens when they are not in use, thereby increasing the lifespan of the lens. This magnifier is durable and would last you a long time while serving you efficiently.


The UTG 3X magnifier can be mounted on two mount types, Picatinny and weaver. The mount carries the magnifier and locks it onto the rifle. This is why the mounting system cannot be neglected. It has a direct effect on your target acquisition, especially if you’ll be mounting in the field and the ease of using your setup.

Because of the peculiarities involved in a magnifier where it would have to be used with a red dot and sometimes without, you want a mount that will allow you to do both as quickly as possible. The mounting system for this magnifier does not disappoint with its flip-to-side mechanism that helps to quickly flip the magnifier to the side and use only the red dot’s 1X power when you want to promptly aim and got a close-range target.

The mount also uses a patented quick detach mechanism that allows you to completely detach the magnifier quickly. This will come in handy when you want to use only the red dot and wouldn’t want the bulkiness of the flip-to-side mechanism. I particularly like the lever lock base system that locks the magnifier firmly to the mount to avoid falling off accidentally or moving out of the base.


There are windage and elevation adjustment knobs to help you target better and improve your shootings. These knobs are tools adjustable which may mean more time will be spent making adjustments.

You can make dioptric adjustments and lock in zero for your shootings without stress.


The UTG 3X is protected by Leapers lifetime warranty for this product. This is huge and is one of the driving forces for people looking to get this magnifier, knowing they are protected for life.
The amazing warranty and its durability help prolong the lifetime of this scope as you’ll get replacements if the damage is under their terms and conditions.


No matter how good a magnifier is, it’ll always be compared to its price. Price is the ultimate test for value, and this magnifier will be going through the same test.

The UTG doesn’t dig deep in your pocket and is one of the best value for money magnifiers in the market right now. Although not a premium magnifier, the features and benefits it brings far outrank most of the magnifiers in the same price range. To check the price Click Here.


You’ll be surprised that this scope still comes with valuable accessories in its pack at an unbelievable price. Some of these accessories cost a lot to get alone, which further increases the value of the offering.

Aside from the magnifier itself, the scope also comes with adjustable lens covers to protect the lens when not in use. This improves the durability of the lenses in general. It also comes with a cleaning cloth for wiping the dirt from the lens and the magnifier. The final accessory you’ll get in the UTG 3X pack is an owner’s manual which is vital in understanding how the magnifier works and how to use it effectively.

Pros and Cons of the UTG 3X Magnifier

In simpler terms, the pros and cons show you precisely what this magnifier brings to the table and the drawbacks you may want to consider before jumping on this magnifier.


  • Vast field of view: its field of view of 45’ at 100 yards is wide and allows you to see around your target thereby improving your target acquisition speed and overall aiming effectiveness
  • Affordable: this is one of the best value for money magnifiers considering its price and features
  • Quick detach and flip to side mount system: there’s a quick detach option as well as being able to move the magnifier to the side to use only the red dot.
  • Lifetime warranty: Leapers offers a fantastic lifetime warranty for this product
  • Waterproof and fogproof body: the magnifier is nitrogen-purged purged, and its lens is coated with anti-fog coatings to keep water and fog away from the tube


  • Bulky: at over 11 ounces, this magnifier is bulky and heavy
  • Short eye relief: its eye relief of just 2” can be improved upon
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After seeing the features of the UTG 3X magnifier made by Leapers, including its pros and cons, you have all the information you need to make the final decision on whether to get this magnifier for your red dot or not. It is an affordable magnifier with decent specs.

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