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Vortex Copperhead 4-12×44 Review {Latest 2023 Review}

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Scopes are gadgets used with a weapon to improve its precision and oftentimes, your range. Scopes enhance your view of the target and eliminate forces that can cause a reduction in accuracy.

Vortex is arguably the biggest brand in the optics industry, and for a good reason. Among the vast number of vortex scopes available is this affordable vortex copperhead 4-12×44 scope. Aside from being in the budget category, this copperhead vortex scope serving hunters comes with a high level of optical clarity.

Vortex copperhead scope is built with a high level of durability in mind while maintaining an almost plain and unassuming look. Like every other scope, this copperhead has some things it has going for it. Things that together make it an interesting scope option for hunters. Hunters can obtain their targets without straining when using this copperhead scope.

These and more are what we’ll be considering as we review the vortex copperhead 4-12×44 scope.

Features of Vortex Copperhead 4-12×44 Scope

Features of Vortex Copperhead 4-12x44 Scope
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The characteristics of a scope whether in conjunction with each other or standing alone make the scope unique and valuable. For this copperhead scope, these features are so impressive that people consider it one of the best entry-level scopes in the market. Here are some of the things this makes this scope:

1. Magnification of Vortex Copperhead Scope

The scope brings precision to your shooting even when the target is far beyond where the normal eye can reach. It does this through the help of the magnification feature embedded in it. For this vortex scope, the magnification is variable, which means you can adjust it to suit your shooting range.

The scope brings precision to your shooting even when the target is far beyond where the normal eye can reach. It does this through the help of the magnification feature embedded in it. For this vortex scope, the magnification is variable, which means you can adjust it to suit your shooting range.

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2. Objective Lens Size of Vortex Copperhead Scope

Objective Lens Size of Vortex Copperhead Scope
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The lens at the end, away from the face of the shooter, is the objective lens. Aside from being the closest to the target, it is also the first contact the image makes with the scope. The size of this lens determines the amount of light entering the scope.

This scope has an objective lens diameter of 44 mm and with a maximum magnification of 12x, the light entering the scope is enough to brighten any image, even at this magnification. Typically, magnification and objective lens size go together as a higher magnification level requires more light to create a crisp image and that level.

3. Design of Vortex Copperhead Scope

Physically, a scope should be aesthetically appealing even though that is not its primary purpose. A sleek scope will turn heads and make your shooting enjoyable. The design of this vortex scope features a 1-inch tube which is the regular size for most scopes. This allows you to easily find a matching mount for it.

The design on the scope may be plain but its sleek style ensures it does not go under the radar. The two knobs protruding from the sides of this scope are the elevation and windage turrets to zero the scope. It sports a black finish which will make it harder to spot.

4. Durability of Vortex Copperhead Scope

Durability of Vortex Copperhead Scope
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Even though this is an affordable scope, you’ll still want to enjoy it for a long time and that is why durability is essential. Hunting scopes will typically be used in difficult terrains which can damage it if it is not strong enough. The materials used to make the body, lens, and turrets should reflect the level of resilience needed.

The body of this vortex copperhead scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that ensures it is rugged and strong. It will not break from the impact of minor bumps when hunting. It sports a hard-anodized coating to improve the durability of its body while the black matte finish reduces glare and light reflection off its body. This way, you can shoot undetected.

The scope is made for all weather conditions as it is sealed with an O-ring to ensure water and dust do not enter the scope. The inside of the scope is purged with nitrogen to keep the fog out. All these make it waterproof and fogproof, allowing you to use it even in wet conditions without damage. It is also shockproof as it is made from quality materials. Recoils from the rifle will not damage the scope over time.

One of the advantages of the fully multi-coated lenses used in the vortex copperhead 4-12×44 scope is the extra layers protecting the lenses from dust and scratches, thereby increasing their longevity.

5. Turrets of Vortex Copperhead Scope

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There are two turrets available on this scope and they are the elevation and windage knobs used to adjust the vertical and horizontal distances when zeroing. These capped turrets ensure you don’t have to use tools to move its dial, as this can increase the time needed to zero and may even cause a loss of concentration.

The caps help keep your zero intact when moving through the often difficult terrains while hunting. The turrets are easy to adjust and make audible clicks, so you don’t have to look at them while zeroing.

6. Reticle of Vortex Copperhead Scope

The reticle used in this vortex copperhead 4-12×44 scope is a dead hold bullet drop compensator reticle which is especially helpful in estimating hold over which may be difficult at certain ranges. Hunters will find this type of reticle quite useful as their shooting range is hardly constant.

There are vertical and horizontal hash marks on the reticle, which cater for drop reference and cross-wind drift, respectively. Dead hold BDC reticles are easy to use, but their hash marks are sometimes difficult to see under bright light. This is a second focal plane reticle that does not seem to change in size when you change the magnification.

7. Optical Clarity for Vortex Copperhead Scope

Optical Clarity for Vortex Copperhead Scope
Image Source: https://scopesfield.com

The type of lenses used on a scope will affect the level of clarity you get. This hunting scope, although affordable, sports impressive lens quality that makes clear images. All lenses are fully multi-coated, and the lenses that come in contact with air are coated with anti-reflective materials that allow light to pass through more efficiently.

Whilst it provides clear and crisp images enhanced by the amount of light entering its 44 mm wide objective lens, it is not suited to low-light use. A surprising aspect that improves clarity is its single-piece body which improves alignment and clarity.

8. Eyepiece for Vortex Copperhead Scope

It sports 4 inches of eye relief that ensures smooth usage without having to strain when using the scope. You’ll also be able to take up some odd positions while aiming instead of being confined directly behind the eyepiece.

There is a locking diopter in the eyepiece that allows you to lock in your eyepiece settings for use. The eyepiece is tightly threaded, and the point of impact does not move.

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9. Price

The cost of getting a scope varies greatly on several factors, including the brand, features of the scope, and more. This scope is made by the popular vortex optics brand but still maintains an affordable range. Being an entry-level scope, its price is affordable at just under $150.

This price range ensures you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get it. You’ll be able to afford the scope alongside other necessary accessories for your shooting.

10. Warranty

Perhaps one of the most alluring reasons you may be interested in this scope,  even greater than its cost, is the generous vortex warranty that comes along with the scope. Vortex’s VIP unconditional lifetime warranty covers the vortex copperhead 4-12×44 scope. This warranty is often accompanied by a no questions asked policy and outright replacement in most cases when a customer comes with a complaint.

Pros and Cons of the Vortex Copperhead 4-12×44

The vortex copperhead scope has gained prominence among hunters for a reason but this hasn’t convinced everybody. Let’s see why it is a great scope option for many and why there is still a lot of pushback from others.


  • Variable magnification of 4-12x that covers medium distances and some long distances
  • Wide objective lens diameter of 44 mm to allow enough light to enter
  • Useful in all weather conditions as it is fogproof, dust proof, and waterproof
  • Durable one-piece design that keeps it shockproof
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for better light transmission and improved lens durability
  • Dead hold BDC reticle perfect for hunting
  • Long eye relief of 4 inches and a locking eyepiece diopter
  • Affordable
  • Vortex VIP unconditional lifetime warranty


  • It will struggle in low light conditions
  • Glare issues may arise


The vortex copperhead series was launched to provide hunters with an affordable option when it comes to hunters’ optics. The copperhead 4-12×44 scope is neatly built with impressive features for its price range; however, you shouldn’t expect it to match those of more expensive ranges.

Nevertheless, vortex did not neglect its durability mandate when making this scope so you should get a scope with good performance and reliability.

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