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Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope 11-33×50 Review

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Vortex optics is barely two decades old. It has quickly established itself as a leading optics brand with a wide range of products for its teeming users. One such product is the spotting scope range with the razor HD scope series. A popular razor HD score is this vortex optics razor HD spotting scope with specifics of 11-33×50.

This razor HD spotting scope packs powerful features that have made it a favorite among spotting scope lovers. From a unique optical system to a compact build for easy handling, the area has what it takes to be your go-to scope for different activities, especially hunting. With its slight frame, you may be tempted to doubt its optical prowess since weight is often associated with superior visual quality. However, there’s no better way to discover its prowess than by testing.

Since testing can be expensive and time-consuming, we’ve decided to take on the responsibility and save you from the stress. This way, you can use our results from extensive testing, expert opinions, and reports from verified buyers. Therefore, you’ll find all the information about the vortex optics razor HD spotting scope inside this guide.

Features of Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope 11-33×50

Features of Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope 11-33x50
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When combined, every scope has different features that make them distinct and separate from other scopes. This section will show how this vortex optics razor HD spotting scope measures up when analyzed using standard spotting scope metrics. Here are the vortex optics razor HD spotting scope features without further ado.

1. Magnification

One of the first features you should consider for a spotting scope is its magnification. Typically, spotting scopes have higher magnification ranges when compared to rifle scopes since they are reserved for long-range spotting activities. However, not all spotting scope features extremely high power ranges, with this razor HD vortex spotting scope featuring a power range between 11 and 33x.

You can increase the original image by 11 to 33 times in the scope to enhance the view. In addition, you can find the magnification specification in the scope’s body. With such figures, you can easily view medium-range distances, which is perfect for hunting or tactical shooting.

2. Objective Lens Diameter

Objective Lens Diameter
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The objective lens diameter is the outer lens closest to the target, focusing on allowing light to enter the scope to ensure bright images. Typically, lower-range magnification comes with lower-range objective lenses. Their shorter distances do not require much light to produce clear images.

This Vortex optics razor HD spotting scope has an objective lens diameter of 50mm. The lens diameter is not the largest, but when considering the scope’s maximum power at 33x, the objective lens is more than capable of producing precise images. At such distances, light is not required to create bright images. The objective lens is not the absolute determinant of image clarity; however, it plays a massive role in the optical clarity of the scope.

3. Size and Weight

Vortex optics razor HD spotting scope 11-33×50 has always been classified as a compact scope, but how close is this scope? It weighs only 26 ounces, and while that sounds impressive on its own, when you consider its many features, including good optical quality. That is when you truly appreciate this scope’s compactness. In addition, the lightweight design is one of the first things you notice when you hold it.

Its length is 10.3 inches, further showcasing its ultra-lightweight design. The packable scope can fit into most gear bags without stress. It would not significantly increase the weight of the entire setup. Lightweight gadgets are great for hunting, especially where you need to move a lot looking for targets. You’ll find that this razor HD scope will not strain you as you move it or spot with it.

4. Durability

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We can say a lot about other features of this razor HD vortex scope, but all that would matter very little without a solid spotting scope with excellent durability. How else would the scope withstand the rigors of the wild? The body of this scope is O-ring sealed, a term describing the material used to close potential openings for dust and moisture to enter the area. The O-ring sealed body keeps it waterproof while its tube is purged with argon, so the scope is fog proof.

The scope’s body is made from a lightweight magnesium-alloy body, durable, and won’t break with the slightest pressure. The outside of the area is covered with a rubberized costing similar to other razor scopes. There’s also a protective case that you can add to protect the lenses further. The good thing about the protective lens case is that you can decide to use it or remove it depending on your specific needs. You can keep the protective lens case if you require more protection and wouldn’t mind the extra weight. The multi-coated lenses with scratch-resistant coatings protect the lenses from scratches that can make images blur.

5. Dials

One of the most prominent features of this razor HD vortex spotting scope is the more significant and smaller wheels. Adjusting the giant wheel will bring you to the national level, while the smaller wheels help focus on the target to ensure a close and crisp image. Sometimes called macro and micro adjustments, the macro helps to quickly draw the picture. In contrast, the micro gets the finer details.

The eyecup, magnification, and focus dials are crisp and easy to turn but firm, so the dial does not move independently. However, you’ll find their audible clicks quite helpful, as you can adjust the dials without looking at the scope.

6. Optical System

Optical System
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It features high-density (HD) and extra-low dispersion glass (ED), so it can produce crisp images. Most scopes struggle with the chromatic aberration of varying magnitudes. This razor HD vortex spotting scope has a triple apochromatic lens that prevents chromatic aberration of any degree. In addition, the scope uses the high-quality Porro prism design. It produces quality images and prevents any loss of light, which is vital, especially in low-light conditions.

The lenses are fully multi-coated with the Vortex XR anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass lenses. Air-to-glass lenses also have Armortek scratch-resistant exterior lens coating. The coating prevents glare and light loss while helping maximize light transmission. The APO lenses ensure all the color spectrum is represented. In contrast, the multiple layers on the lenses serve different purposes, from improved durability to better image quality.

7. Handling

The scope comes with an angled eyepiece which is comfortable to use by different people as you’re looking down into the area rather than straining to match the scope’s eye line for straight eyepieces. In addition, you can comfortably view the content with or without glasses when you adjust the eyecup. Finally, mounting the scope is easy, especially when you have it on a quick-release plate, so you can quickly detach it when you want.

8. Eye Relief and Field of View

Eye Relief and Field of View
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Spending hours behind the scope waiting for your target can adversely affect you if the content lacks good eye relief. When you can view the scope safely and comfortably without straining your eyes, it is said to have good eye relief. This scope has an eye relief of 16 to 19mm at 11x and 33x, respectively.

The field of view of a scope describes the area you can see while looking through the scope. Ideally, you want a scope offering an expansive view area as it improves your view and makes picking targets more accessible and faster. For example, this vortex optics razor HD spotting scope has a field of view of 191 feet at 1000 yards when placed at 11x and 96 feet at 1000 yards when placed at 33x.

9. Minimum Focus Distance and Exit Pupil

Vortex optics razor HD 11-33×50 spotting scope has a low power level helping it view targets within short distances. The closest you can focus on a target using this scope is 6.6 feet, anything below this distance and you’ll not have a focused image. Luckily, this is low enough, and you may not need to go lower than this for your hunting activities.

The exit pupil describes the ray of light leaving the eyepiece and usually determines the clarity of the image in low light. For this scope, the exit pupil is set at 4.6 mm at 11x and 1.5 mm at 33x with decent low-light image quality.

Pros and Cons of the Vortex Optics Razor HD 11-33×50 Spotting Scope

Here we find out if this spotting scope will be a great buy. This section will help you make a quick yet accurate buying decision.


  • Features a dual focus system that allows you to quickly pick the target and then fine-tune its position to get crisp images.
  • Great close focus distance allows you to focus on extremely low distances.
  • Adaptable to digiscoping so you can view and record from your smartphone.
  • Weatherproof design helps prolong its life and expands its use.
  • Great price for a premium range.
  • Good eye relief that makes for comfortable ale viewing over long hours.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses that improve durability and image quality.
  • The compact and lightweight design helps reduce the overall weight of your gear and makes it easier to move.


  • Other eyepieces will not work here, so you cannot interchange.


The razor line is a premium line producing high-quality spotting scopes that can stand the test of time. This 11-33×50 vortex optics razor HD spotting scope packs impressive features, and it’s built with durability in mind. The scope is also protected under the Vortex VIP warranty, where Vortex will fix it for free, with no questions asked in case of any damage. In addition, the warranty is transferable, and you do not need a receipt to activate it, making it highly valuable.

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