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Vortex Viper HD 15-45X65 (Angled) Spotting Scope Review

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Vortex viper is a popular series of spotting scopes by vortex optics. We’ll be considering a range from the viper series with a rating of 15-45×65. The Scope was first introduced in 2018 primarily for shooting, with its characteristics making shooting even better.

With the many features of the vortex viper HD 15-45×65 spotting scope, you’re not tied down to using it for only shooting, as we’ll see shortly in this guide. Instead, the focus is on analyzing this Scope comprehensively and highlighting all the characteristics that set it apart even from other viper series spotting scopes.

If you’re wondering what it feels like using this spotting scope, you’ll stick around for this review. It touches on all the significant features of the Scope, including other vital points like pros and cons.

Features of Vortex Viper HD 15-45×65 Spotting Scope

Features of Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Spotting Scope
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Its bold and protected finishing sets the tone for a combination of interesting features for this vortex viper HD 15-45×65 spotting scope. We’ll see all the other parts in detail in this section.

1. Magnification

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This spotting scope magnifies 15 to 45 times, allowing it to view targets over 1000 yards while maintaining clarity. Although the clarity level depends on several other features, the power of the Scope is the first step. The first two figures on the label of this Scope represent its magnification.

When objects are far away, it becomes quite difficult to view them clearly. Hence, it is imperative to increase their size with the exact number depending on the distance away. The vortex viper HD spotting scope covers the typical distance a shooter would require for most long-range shooting needs.

2. Objective Lens Size

The third figure on the scope label often describes the objective lens size, which is the size of the farthest lens from the viewer. This lens is the first point of contact between light and the Scope and determines the amount of light that can enter. For example, the Scope has a 65 mm wide objective lens, just about the right size for a good amount of light at higher power levels.

More light entering the Scope means clearer images, especially when you clock into higher power levels where more light is required to see the target. Of course, you will need more features to determine the full extent of the clarity you can get for this Scope, but for now, it’s up to a bright start.

3. Optical Quality

Optical Quality
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The optical system of this vortex optics viper HD spotting scope with 15-45x65mm starts with a Porro prism design containing premium bak-4 glass. The Scope utilizes high-density optics with extra-low dispersion glass for improved color reproduction and representation. The phase correction coatings used in the Scope with fully multi-coated lenses ensure images do not deteriorate during phase shifts.

A dual-focus system helps you quickly narrow in on the target with one dial and then fine-tune to capture details with another dial. All the dials, including the magnification and focus, are firm but turn smoothly, so they don’t turn inadvertently. The close focus for this Scope is set at 23 feet which is excellent for this Scope with minimum power of 15x. In addition, you can focus on targets as close as 15 feet, further helping your close-range shooting.

The light transmission in this Scope is helped tremendously by the dielectric prism coating, which increases the reflectivity on the surface to 99%. A proprietary XR anti-reflective coating on the lens further enhances light transmission. With all the light transmission features, using this Scope in low light conditions will still produce clear images. Glare is greatly reduced through the help of a built-in sunshade that you can pull out and push back in when not in use.

4. Build and Durability

Solid build with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy puts the Scope’s weight at 59 ounces. Even though the overall weight cannot be considered lightweight, it would’ve been much heavier considering the features on the Scope. Weight plays a huge role, especially for hunting or shooting spotting scopes, as they may need to be moved frequently and across far distances in the wild. There’s also a protective rubber armor that protects the chassis from falls and serves as a grip surface to prevent slips.

The lenses are fully multi-coated with layers of anti-scratch coatings that ensure the lenses continue to be clear, without scratches and dirt. You can use this Scope in wet areas and places prone to extreme temperature changes as the Scope is argon-purged and sealed shut so fog does not form inside, nor water enters the Scope to damage the Scope or cause blurry vision. The transparent carry-on case makes it safer to store and move.

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5. Eyepiece and Handling

Eyepiece and Handling
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This vortex optics viper HD spotting scope sports an angled eyepiece that makes viewing more comfortable as you look into the eyepiece. You can also use a mini tripod stand for angled degrees since it can be in a different eye line, unlike straight scopes. In addition, a slip-resistant collar makes handling easy and safer, even when wearing a glove or using it in slippery conditions.

There’s a twist-up eyecup that you can extend and move up and down to see from different angles. Comfortable viewing is one of the strongest pulls to using angled eyepieces. The tripod collar is rotating, so you can move it about the tripod head. Mounting this Scope is easy with the popular ¼”-20 mount that you can use with several varieties of quick-release plates. The Scope is excellent for digiscoping with its impressive optical clarity; you can capture pretty amazing shots.

6. Eye Relief and Field of View

The eye relief of Scope determines the comfort and clarity of using that Scope. This Vortex Viper HD spotting scope has an eye relief of 17.8-19.6mm at 45x down to 15x. Of course, the higher the power, the lower the eye relief you can get from the Scope. However, the eye relief here is impressive and is enough for even users wearing glasses.

The angular field for this Scope is impressive at 2.6 to 1.3 degrees, while the linear field of view is 136.5 to 67.8 feet at 1000 yards for 15x to 45x. Such an impressive field of view values means you can see significant areas around the target, helping you analyze the surroundings better.

7. Accessories

Image Source: blog.gritrsports.com

You should know what to expect when you open a box of the vortex viper HD spotting scope. You’ll get one Vortex viper HD 15-24×65 spotting Scope, an objective and eyepiece lens cover, and a fitted stay-on view-through carrying case. It protects the body and can remain on the Scope’s body even when in use. Another accessory you’ll get is a cleaning cloth for the lens. However, the Armortek coating prevents the collection of dirt on the lens.

8. Warranty

You might be worried about your protection in case of any damage to this Scope. The warranty that covers the vortex viper HD spotting scope is the VIP warranty, where Vortex promises to repair or replace damaged contents for free. This is a fully transferable, no receipt and no questions asked security that you can trust. However, it would help if you remembered that the warranty would not stand in the event of theft. Loss of the Scope, or damages that do not affect the Scope’s working ability.

9. Pros and Cons of Vortex Viper

Get in here to see reasons for and against using this Scope.


  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Great for shooting and hunting
  • Impressive light transmission systems
  • It comes with a built-in Picatinny rail
  • The excellent color reproduction system
  • Durable Scope with waterproof and fog proof features
  • Fully multi-coated lenses with helpful features
  • High-quality design with extra-low dispersion system
  • A good field of view


  • Fine-focus knobs can be difficult to turn while wearing gloves

Final Thoughts

The vortex viper scope is made in China with impressive features for a mid-range size. You’ll be getting an insane value for money with this spotting scope featuring an excellent light-gathering ability and covered by the famous Vortex VIP warranty. There are many reasons to consider this Scope, especially as a hunter or shooter of any kind. Angled eyepiece helps make viewing an enjoyable rather than stressful experience.

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